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All Prague tours on one place. Prague walking tours, Bike tours and rentals, Segway tours. Skateboard tours and boat cruises. Prague Tours Center is a biggest Prague Tour base located a stone’s throw from the historical Orloj, astronomical clock in the heart of Prague’s Old town square. In our tour center beside of tours you can refresh your self, take a rest in sofa, use notebook with internet for free, get coffee and water and even buy used english books or just take free map of Prague. Our company is an independent stand alone private enterprise in Prague registered as a legal travel agency and tour operator. We operate both our own tours/ programs/ services as well as handpick quality partners and offer their special programs/ tours/ services to give the most choices to visitors of Prague in one single location! Also we do it with a smile and if we don’t have the answer we’ll look it up for you on the internet or make a phone call.
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The Old Town Square


wenceslas square

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is today the modern, bustling centre of Prague where tourists mingle with well-dressed businessmen, angry taxi drivers, the homeless, Czechs trying to do their shopping and every other kind of people.
Prague Charles Bridge

The top 3 sights in Prague

1.  The Charles Bridge  In 1357, 7 September, 5:31 in the morning, the first stone of one of Europe’s most beautiful pieces of architecture was fitted. We know this exact time, as it was not random, but had been decided by the stars. The same year Charles IV, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and King of Bohemia, had decided to create a work that would last for eternity.
Segway Tours Etiquette

Prague Segway Tours Etiquette

In fact the representatives of Prague 1 continuously struggle for banishing Segway from the pavements of Prague streets, we have decided to voluntarily comply with the following rules. Traffic regulations of segway on pavements and other ways.
Pictures from Prague

Pictures from Prague

Prague stunning high-resolution gigapixel images and panoramic photos. On the tour your guide will show you places where to take best photos of Prague. More photos here: http://prague-tours-center.com/hd-images-from-prague  
Powder Tower

Powder Tower

 During your quiet Segway ride under the Powder Tower on your Prague Segway Tour, your private guide will be ready to recount     you everything important about this gem. Usually in Prague, while standing on Segway, people yearn to drive further and rather   wonder where their Segway trip will bring them, you can also learn about this monument a little more here.
Prague Segway

Popularity of Segway

by Prague Segway ToursUntil recently, the popularity of Segway has been somewhat dampened by the enormous expectations placed on it, back in 2001 (initial launch). What was once called "IT" or "Ginger," before its actual debut name-Segway, the Segway PT expected to revolutionize the way people travel, forcing city planners to incorporate this new technology into their urban plans.
Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall in our history

There is not indeed a memorable and significant building throughout Prague that we can on your Prague Segway tour show you, except the Prague Castle Old Town Hall before.
History of segway

History of the Segway PT

Ever wonder about the history of Segway? Specifically, who invented it, what year, how did it get its name? Many Segway enthusiast and tourists often ask the same question repeatedly, so Prague Segway Tours iSegway (iSegway.cz) will shed some light on the history of Segway PT.