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Prague Segway Tours Etiquette

Prague segway toursIn fact the representatives of Prague 1 continuously struggle for banishing Segway from the pavements of Prague streets, we have decided to voluntarily comply with the following rules.

Traffic regulations of segway on pavements and other ways.

  1. Each client is trained for using the segway and is further acquinted with below mentioned rules.
  2. Each client is obligated to behave considerately and restrainedly not to threaten by his behaviour the life, health or property of other people either of his own and not to damage the environment either the animals´ life. He has to adjust his behaviour mainly to the condition of the road, weather conditions, his skills and his health state.
  3. Each client is obligated to follow the road traffic regulations governed by law, instructions of the police, instructions of people entrusted to the road traffic control.   
  4. Each client has to follow the light, eventually also the attendant acoustic signals, e.g. when crossing the road on pedestrian crossings. He has to follow traffic signs, traffic equipments and equipments for traffic information.
  5. We make a commitment not to take the clients into the area of the Prague castle tour and Charles bridge and to avoid places with extraordinary narrow pavements and with dense movement of pedestrians. We will also avoid places which are marked due to special local conditions.
  6. The speed of the segway buggy will be max. 10 km/h.
  7. When overtaking, bypassing and when passing by a pedestrian, the user of the segway buggy has to drive always more slowly than the maximum acceptable speed mentioned above is. The speed has to be always directly proportional to keeping a safe situation of a common pedestrian.
  8. Nobody driving the segway does not come before the pedestrian.
  9. The user of the segway has to drive on the right side of pavements (except for bypassing the pedestrians) whereas it can not be around exits from houses, shops or objects. This limits the segway drive in the given direction only to a pavement on the left side (towards this direction). For streets with one of the pavements beeing wide, it is possible to enable the drive of segway buggies only in that direction where the user does not drive around exits from houses, shops or objects.
  10. The user of the segway buggy has to fully attend to driving, when driving he must not call, smoke, eat, drink, make photos or do other activities which would detract him from driving.
  11. The user of the segway buggy must not be under the thumb of alcohol or other addictive and psychotropic drugs.
  12. Only one user can drive the segway buggy. Pick-up is inadmissible. This concerns also a child in a back baby seat or in a breast pack.
  13. The segway buggy driven by a guide leading a group has to be equipped by a clanging bell for bikes drive. The bell has to be placed in a close proximity of driver´s hand. Other sounds e.g. of a klaxon or a siren are inadmissible. The bell can be used only in an emergency case. 1st driver, the guide, always addresses the pedestrian not to frighten him behind his back. Only the engine of the guide will be equipped by the bell.
  14. The segway buggy remains a means of transport in spite of the fact that its user is concerned by the regulations valid for pedestrians according to the law of the road traffic regulations. The guide of the group using borrowed segway buggies has at the same time the function of an instructor, segway users under his command move on pavements which are parts of the way.
  15. Each segway buggy has to be marked by a readable labelling and by the address of a rental which owns the engine. If individual rentals borrow the buggies to each other, all the buggies of the group have to be marked by the labelling of the current owner. The labelling serves as the identification of the current user.
  16. The policeman has the right to stop the group leader. The group leader stops consequently the whole group. The policeman has the right to use technical means for checking if the suspect is not impaired. In a positive case, the segway buggy is arrested and then tranported to the owner at his expense.
  17. The instructor has the right and duty to refuse the borrowing of the segway to a person who after a common training does not manage driving of the segway and whose drive would be dangerous for him or for others.Instructor ´s examination is subjective and there is no legal claim on the borrowing. 
  18. The weight of the user has to be within the limits of 25 and 117 kg including his stuff.
  19. Each client wears a helmet when driving.
  20. The client confirms in the declaration before driving that he is acquinted with driving rules, he further confirms by his signature the acceptance of the responsibility connected with using the segway engine, mainly the risks resulting from driving itself. Client´s signature further confirms that the client will follow the instructions of the guide and his behaviour will not be preffered to the traffic of other pedestrians, transport and other activities which will occur on the ways.
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