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The Iron Curtain

Explore the turbulent, mundane and often dreary modern history of this magnificent city.

Uncover the historical mystery of Prague with its vast history of oppression and persecution under the Nazi regime. Learn how the Red Army helped Prague Czech citizens escape the tight grip of the German occupation only to be held in a tighter grip of communism for the next forty-one years during the 20th century. Still, relatively unknown around the world, you’ll receive golden insight as to how people lived and survived during communism throughout Prague and Czechoslovakia at that time. Learn why Prague was at the epicenter of many strategic philosophical changes in the arms race for both superpowers U.S. and the Soviet Union.  

Highlights and Themes

  • The Year of Revolution (European Revolutions) in 1848 by the anarchists and reformers
  • The 1939 Nazi storming of University of Prague.
  • Operation Anthropoid and the fall (assassination) of Reinhardt Heydrich; 'The Butcher of Prague
  • The Jewish Town Hall, Old Jewish Cemetery and Hitler's fake 'Jewish Conspiracy'
  • Hitler’s Proposed ‘Museum of an Extinct Race'
  • The Prague Uprising of 1945 and the Communist take-over of 1948
  • Headquarters of the communist secret police, and their party the Gestapo, plus the SS & KGB
  • Wenceslas Square, Prague Spring in 1968 and Jan Palach's self-immolation
  • The history behind the world's largest Stalin statue and what happened to it
  • Lenin, Albert Einstein and Che Guevara in Prague
  • Location of the Secret broadcast centre of the resistance
  • The Velvet Revolution of 1989 & the separation of Czechoslovakia


Daily tours year-round beginning at 14:30 pm


No Tours on the following dates-Dec 24, 25, 26, 31 Jan 01


approximately 3 hours


Discover Prague Tour Center: 12 Michalska st., Prague 1, Prague (street is written as: Michalská 432/12)

Meeting Point

At Discover Prague Tour Center: 12 Michalska st., Prague 1, Prague (street is written as: Michalská 432/12)

Full Tour Description

Our starting point will reveal one of the most feared locations in Prague (prison of the secret police at Bartolomejska) during the communistic era. Where numerous citizens, reformers, anarchists were tormented, beaten, and tortured to the point of death, using the most innovative and harshest methods known to the human race. Next up, we visit the location where students demonstrated and protested against the Nazi occupation in 1939, and once more against the Communists in 1989. From there we travel to Wenceslas Square, and explore the rich history behind Prague Spring and the Soviet invasion of 1968, which littered the streets with tanks and forces of the Warsaw Pact.  Then, we will meander our way to see the Gestapo headquarters, where many brave resistance fighters met their end. Afterwards, we’ll travel to the magnificent Square named after the democratic state of Czechoslovakia, founded in 1918, called the Square of the Republic, also known as (Namesti Republiky). This square offers you a look at four separate architecture styles, plus a deep history of what transpired during the city at various times throughout history. This square, ironically, is home of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. A party, nevertheless, created on the very streets of Prague back in 1912 which was then known as The Prague Party Conference led by Vladimir Lenin. This communist revolutionary ultimately created and orchestrated what is today known as the Communist Party. But, Prague would have to wait some time before this form of government seized control of its citizens. Victorious February was coined after the infamous Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (Komunistická strana Československa, KSČ) took control in 1948 with the help of the Soviets for what historically came to be Czechoslovak coup d'état.

Incredibly, just a few years prior during the Nazi occupation, there were many secret broadcast stations set up by the resistance who were historically involved in a cat-and-mouse game with the SS which ultimately led to the Prague Uprising in the last days of the war. Nonetheless, the peace didn't last long, as in 1948, just three years later, the leader of the Communist party announced his intention to seize the power from a balcony right on Old Town Square. Coincidentally, just steps from this balcony, we find a house where Einstein spent many evenings while working at the University of Prague, developing his well-known theories of relativity. These ideas would later come to fruition, hence the atom bomb. which altered world history in many ways as we know it today. This had major implications on strategic planning going forward with (at that time) both superpowers in the U.S. and Soviet Union which impacted the Cold War. Lastly we visit the Old Jewish Cemetery as 77,297 Jews were killed during the German occupation.

The Old Jewish Cemetery dates back to the 15th century and is the final resting place for over 100,000 Jews. Hitler actually agreed to have a Jewish artifacts center resurrected (Museum of an Extinct Race) as he confidently stated during a 1939 speech, if there was another world war, “European Jewry would be annihilated.” How fitting as we have a look at the Soviet KGB’s headquarters located just next to the former SS headquarters, considering the Red Army appeared to be the “saviors” of Czechoslovakia during WWII only to rape and pillage the city of Prague for more than 40 years after the coup.  Lastly, we will take you by the Vltava River for a breathtaking view of Prague and tell you the weird and wonderful story of the world's largest Stalin statue and what happened to it. Finally, we will provide you details about the gripping tale of the men involved in the assassination of Reinhardt Heydrich – 'the Butcher of Prague'.

Tour Prices


Students: 36€ 

Conclusion Point


At the Rudolfinum at Náměstí Jana Palacha 1.


Private English speaking guide for the tour


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Children Policy

Free for children under 12, and half price for children ages 13 and above.

Terms / Info

Participants will experience light continuous walking with intermittent breaks during the 2-3 hour tour. Therefore, ensure that you wear proper shoes (as many Prague streets are cobblestoned) and are physically able to maintain 2-3 hours of light walking. Tour goes in all weather conditions, not responsible for unforeseen delays or accidents.

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Any tour cancelled “within” 3 days of travel date incur 100% cancellation penalty; No refunds will be offered for any reason within this designated time. Also, anyone with a valid tour ticket who does not “show” up at the event will be considered a No-Show and their ticket or voucher will be non-refundable.