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All Prague tours on one place. Prague walking tours, Bike tours and rentals, Segway tours. Skateboard tours and boat cruises. Prague Tours Center is a biggest Prague Tour base located a stone’s throw from the historical Orloj, astronomical clock in the heart of Prague’s Old town square. In our tour center beside of tours you can refresh your self, take a rest in sofa, use notebook with internet for free, get coffee and water and even buy used english books or just take free map of Prague. Our company is an independent stand alone private enterprise in Prague registered as a legal travel agency and tour operator. We operate both our own tours/ programs/ services as well as handpick quality partners and offer their special programs/ tours/ services to give the most choices to visitors of Prague in one single location! Also we do it with a smile and if we don’t have the answer we’ll look it up for you on the internet or make a phone call.
We are here to help Prague become a better and more tourist friendly city.
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Prague e-bike tour

Discover Prague effortless! Our experienced English speaking guide will show you breathtaking Prague's views from above. You will never walk there...

Recharge your electric bike for free. Are you going to Prague for a trip on your own electric bike and you’re looking for a place, where you can recharge it without problems?
In our Segway, Bike and Tour center in the heart of Prague there you can let you bike be guarded, checked by a mechanic or recharged during lunch or museum visit. 

Electric bike or pedelec or e-bike

Do I have to have a driver’s license for an electric bike in Prague? And a helmet?

Am I allowed to drive on road? Cycle track? And what about a pavement?

How powerful is a motor? How fast is it going and do I have to pedal?



In Prague and even in the whole European Union the road traffic of electronically assisted bicycles – electric bikes, complies with the directive Type-approval of two or three-wheel motor vehicles – 2002/24/EC. Electric bikes, which speed (with an electric motor assist) does not exceed 25 km/h and which nominal power of a motor is not over 250 Watts, do not have to pass an approval process (article 1, section 1h of the directive).


Help from electric motor could be activated only when an individual is pedaling and an accelerator can be used only from 0 to 6 km/h (viz. standard EPAC mentioned lower; if you are pedaling, its power could be used up to maximum speed).


In September 2009 the particular standard, which further specifies requirements for an electric circuit, electric wires and joints, battery testing, electromagnetic compatibility, power management, top speed, which could be reached thanks to electric motor and measuring of a maximum power came into power in all EU states. This standard is called CSN EN 15194 and is also known as EPAC (Standard for Electronically Power Assisted Cycles).


If electric bike meets the requirements set in the Directive and mentioned Standard (there is an attestation in a certified testing room and a declaration of conformity is issued), then from the point of view of the Czech Statute concerning a road traffic electric bike is a bike without an electric assist. If an electric bike is equipped with statutory accessories (lights, reflectors, bell), then it can be used on roads, but even on cycle tracks and roads, which are made only for bicycles. If you are more than 15 years old, you do not have to wear a helmet (which is an effective safety accessory in a city traffic only in 3% of accidents according to the ECF researches), but we recommend it in our Prague Tour Center and we can lend it for free.


In the case, when speed or power of an electric bike are higher than the limits set by EPAC, then it is not considered to be an electric bike, but it it’s a small scooter, which complies with the Regulation of the Ministry of Transportation (obligation of model tests, license plate, insurance, helmet and it can be driven only on appointed roads).


On 20.11.2012 the European Parliament approved partial changes in the legislation about electric bikes (EPAC).

Help from electric motor could be activated only when an individual is pedaling and an accelerator can be used only from 0 to 6 km/h (viz. standard EPAC mentioned lower; if you are pedaling, its power could be used up to maximum speed).

Isn’t it unfair? Isn’t an electric bike only for lazybones? No, it’s not. When you are riding an electric bike you can adjust the amount of motor assist and you can even switch it off and work hard as you do on your common bicycle. When you will be running out of energy, you will use a motor assist and enjoy your trip more. Your mileage will be much higher, you will not be afraid of hills anymore and you will be doing sports more, paradoxically. In our Prague Tour Center you can borrow an electric bike and explore Prague on your own, or our experienced tour guide can show it to you on one of ours prepared tracks. Apart from an electric bike we can present to you other electric delicacies – electric scooter, electric skateboard, or even YikeBike -  designed and constructed in New Zealand, the YikeBike is the world’s smallest, lightest electric folding bicycle weighing just over 10kg. (We are YikeBike dealers for Czech Republic through our other company Robotour s.r.o).


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